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While you don’t always need a lawyer’s advice to win in small claims court, professional advice from a law firm such as The Law Office of Arman Hoque can help increase your odds of successfully obtaining your desired settlement amount.

Filing a Small Claim Suit in the Greater Toronto Area

A small claim lawsuit must be filed within two years following the date of the incident or contract date, for instance, such as a home sale. The amount of damages you are seeking must also be $25,000 or less. There are also many common mistakes that a lawyer would catch, but would not be so evident to someone representing themselves. One error as simple as excluding the word “Limited” in a corporation’s name may render your judgement worthless.

Lack of documented evidence can also negatively affect your small claims suit, such as not presenting receipts, statements, contracts, invoices or providing a clear timeline of the events.

The cost to file a claim is $75.00 and $40.00 to file as a defendant.

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