Fighting Traffic Tickets in Toronto

Getting a traffic ticket is a stressful, frustrating moment. At the Law Offices of Arman Hoque, we’re here to help fight traffic tickets in Toronto and Southern Ontario. We know that each traffic ticket case is different. Whether it is a speeding ticket or a stop sign violation, we will help you find the solution that works best for you. When you receive a traffic ticket, this does not mean you have to assume your guilt, especially if there is reasonable doubt. It’s possible to fight a traffic ticket and ensure that it does not go on your record – your insurance company doesn’t need to know.

Our team can help you fight traffic tickets in areas of:

  • Speeding 
  • Red light violations
  • Stop sign violations
  • Careless driving 
  • Racing or stunt driving
  • Driving while under suspension
  • Insurance violations

Why Should I Fight a Traffic Ticket?

There are many downsides to having a traffic ticket on your record. You may receive demerit points, too many of which may result in a suspension of your licence. Your insurance rates will also go up once you have paid a driving ticket in Ontario, since this qualifies as pleading guilty to the offence. There are also many cases of police offers simply being incorrect. At the Law Offices of Arman Hoque, we fight for you, so that you can keep a clean driving record and get back on the road.

The Law Offices of Arman Hoque are insured, as required by Ontario legislation, as well as regulated by the Law Society of Upper Canada. Request a consultation today so that we can help you fight your traffic ticket.



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