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Our team at The Law Offices of Arman Hoque in Mississauga supports clients with a diversity of legal issues, from criminal law and family law to real estate and traffic court. Learn more about our history on this page and contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.

Arman E. Hoque, B.A., M.P.A., J.D.

Arman E. Hoque, B.A., M.P.A., J.D.

Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public

Arman Hoque holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Windsor in addition to a Master’s degree in Public Administration and a B.A. degree in Law and Society from the Ivy League Cornell University.

In July 2004, he was called to the bar as barrister, solicitor, and notary public, following Articles with a prestigious Queen’s Counsel Firm. He worked in association with several prominent law firms and sage mentors to develop his high standard before establishing his own practice.

Since then, he has grown his law firm. Focused on his compassion for access to justice, Arman has received news attention for cases he has fought and won for his clients spanning nearly 15 years of practice. He has contributed to precedents in the legal community, and has been awarded numerous accolades recognizing his devotion to the Law.

For his clients, he uses his formidable cumulative knowledge and world-spanning experiences to effectively turn their Real into as close to their Ideal as legally possible.

Ms. Afshan Kanwal, LL.B

Ms. Afshan Kanwal, LL.B

Ms. Afshan Kanwal received her LL.B. in 2009 from Punjab University Law College in Lahore, Pakistan. Her passion for universal access to justice motivated her to become involved in rallies for freedom of speech, religion, expression, capacity building through better access to education and health. She spent time canvassing local women's colleges to build the confidence of and raise awareness of the unique challenges women face. She was also involved in several child protection cases and participated in efforts to save several children from abusive environments.

Ms. Kanwal established a successful practice at the Punjab and Lahore High Court in 2010, and practiced there until she relocated to Canada in 2012. She was called to the Ontario bar in 2018 as an accredited Barrister and Solicitor. Ms. Kanwal currently practices law in the areas of Immigration, Family, and Criminal Defense. Currently a valued member of Empyreanlaw, the Law Offices of Arman E. Hoque, she joins over 15 years of cumulative legal experience to continue her passion in the pursuit of vigorously advocating for equal access to justice and championing the plights of those whose voices would otherwise be unheard.

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